How Daily Exercise Can Help Keep Your Mind Strong & Active

Exercise isn’t about muscle size and aerobic capacity. Sure, it can improve your physique, physical health, and cut down your waistline. However, there are immense mental benefits of working out regularly that you just can’t ignore. Moreover, with 2020 being a challenging year for all of us and more people getting hooked onto social media, it’s even more important to prioritize working out, break bad habits (e.g. aimless scrolling on the internet), and improve mental health.

Folks who remove time to exercise daily, tend to be happier, sleep better at night, and experience more energy throughout the day. They also have sharper memories and feel more relaxed and positive.

The reason why people experience these mental benefits is that regular workouts can have a profound impact on anxiety, stress levels, depression, and various other kinds of mental challenges. Research states that even modest amounts of workouts can make a huge difference for your brain health.

Let us understand how regular exercise can help keep your mind active.

1) Sharper Memory & Thinking
Working out releases “feel-good” hormones such as endorphins that lift your mood, make you feel mentally sharp, and helps you concentrate better on tasks at hand. Regular exercise can also prevent age-related decline and stimulate the development of new brain cells.

2) Higher Self-Esteem
Any form of regular physical activity is an investment in your body, mind, and soul. When it turns into a habit, it can not only foster a sense of accomplishment and self-worth but also make you feel powerful and strong.

3) Better Sleep
Even if you indulge in short bursts of workouts in the morning, afternoon, or evening, it can regulate your sleep patterns and significantly improve the quality of your sleep. If you prefer night workout sessions, perform relaxing exercises such as gentle stretching, walking on a treadmill, or yoga. This will ensure that your body is not too strained and you will still receive a good night’s sleep.

4) More Energy
Exercising has a direct impact on your cardiovascular health. It increases your heart rate and provides you with vitality. Start with a few minutes of workout sessions for 5-6 days and increase your exercise time as you begin to feel more energized.

5) Stronger Resilience
When faced with emotional and mental challenges in life, daily exercise can help you cope with testing situations healthily, instead of succumbing to negative thoughts and resorting to unhealthy behaviors. Regular exercise can also reduce the impact of stress, which in turn, boosts your immune system and overall health.

In conclusion, you don’t have to force yourself into monotonous workouts, to experience the immense mental benefits of exercise. Following a simple workout routine such as brisk walking on a treadmill, or hopping on a spin bike is more than enough.

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