Get Fit at Home

No time for gym? Just think FITNESS, and grab it wherever you are. Get your ideal body shape at home.


One Gym for All Solutions

Stay ahead of your game. Become the number one fitness centre in your area by offering a wide range of gym equipment for every need. 


Train Professionals

Professional fitness enthusiasts have a distinct appetite that need special attention. Cater it with our range of fitness products and machines, especially designed for high level competitions.

What makes GenZ Different

Why choose us?


While the need for fitness has been timeless, the ways to achieve it have undergone an evolution. Each of our products and equipment is carefully designed by experts using cutting edge technology.


Our fitness equipment, products, and accessories are made of the finest materials and undergo extensive quality check at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure the best end product. 

International Standard

Our manufacturing process and the final products follow the global standards to ensure complete safety and convenience for our customers without fail be it any kind or type of product range.


GEN Z is all about innovation and introducing fitness trends. Our team of experts perform thorough research behind the design of every product, its impact, adverse effect, and connection with individual body part.

Our Range

Covering Every Industry

Domestic Range

From complete home gym setups, to even a pair of dumbbells, we at GenZ make sure we leave nothing to have your own fitness setup. 

Commercial Range

Small or a big huge setup. We have the capability to cater to each type of requirement. All machines are manufactured in-house.

Competition Range

We’ve made international quality equipment available in India following all standards from across the world, consult us today.